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March 27, 2012
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Clan Elemental by Xhydralisk Clan Elemental by Xhydralisk
Thought I'd finally get around to scanning this in and uploading it to dA. I actually had this finished back in February, but I was just a lazy f*ck and decided to sit on it for over a month.

Anyways, I designed Battletech's most well-known Battle Armor with a little more bulk and a little more flair, if you will. I always thought it looked a little goofy, and decided to put my own twist on it. I gave the anti-personnel weapon (machine gun, in this case) an ammo belt, the missile launchers are completely covered, and put a little more armor. I liked the overall result.

Info taken straight from Battletech wiki! [link]

The standard against which all battle armor is measured, the Elemental battle armor was first introduced in 2868 by Clan Wolf in a Trial of Possession against the Nova Cats. It was a marvel of Clan engineering that allowed a small group of Clan Elementals to take down large 'Mechs and survive the encounter. While it is possible for a normal-sized human to use the battle armor, this design is tailored for the Clans' giant Elemental warriors and only they can bring out its fullest potential.


The roots of the Elemental battle armor can be traced back to pressurized diving suits built by Clan Goliath Scorpion. These underwater suits already had most of the basic equipment common to current battle armor designs: myomer musculature, self-contained air-supply and life support systems, and heavy, atmospherically sealed bodies designs to handle extreme conditions. Clan Wolf saw the diving suit's potential and began to convert some they had acquired for combat, adding on armor, weapons, and small jump jets.

After the first use of the armor in 2868 against the Nova Cats, the Wolves entered into a series of trials later that year with Clan Hell's Horses. The Wolves put their new battle armor up against the Hell's Horses genetically engineered infantry, the precursor to the modern Clan Elemental. When the trials were over, the Hell's Horses had won the Wolves battle armor technology, and the Wolves had gotten the needed information to breed their own Elementals. Almost immediately, each Clan combined their own technology with that of the other, creating the tradition of matching Elemental troops with battle armor. Within a short period of time, battle armored Elemental troop deployments spread across Clan forces.


Clan Elemental Battle Armor mounts one primary and one secondary weapon, plus a detachable SRM-2 pack. If two missiles are fired, the trooper may aim them at the same target or at two different targets that both lie within the firer's forward 90-degree firing arc. The launcher holds a total of four missiles. Once the missiles have been expended the launcher may be jettisoned, improving mobility. The suit is also equipped with a strong manipulative claw that adds to the melee attack damage as well as to climbing the target 'Mech. The modular weapon mount may accommodate a variety of heavy weapons, including a Small Laser, Flamer, Machine Gun, Heavy Machine Gun, ER Micro Laser, Micro Pulse Laser or an Anti-Personnel Gauss Rifle. The anti-personnel weapon mount carries a projectile weapon that is effective against unarmored targets, such as a sub-machine gun.
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Wow, this is really good, I always did prefer the Elemental over the Power Armor! You did a really great job! Are you gonna make a colored version of this?
Xhydralisk Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
One day, when I can get my life in order.
CauldronBorn24 Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A very interesting redesing; I do like the angular look you gace the armour and that battle claw really looks like it can do some serious damage. Great Job!
Xhydralisk Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks! I always thought that dinky little claw was pathetic; it desperately needed a redesign.
NIce Elemental Redesign
Xhydralisk May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool, would you want to submit it to my group?
Xhydralisk May 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No thanks.
thats ok, but still, great job
wow i like this one, it looks great
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